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Alexandria, Virginia, Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Law Offices of John Kenneth Zwerling, P.C. — Innovative, Client-Centered Representation

When facing criminal charges or investigations, it is vital to have legal representation as soon as possible. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can work to protect your rights, defend your case and negotiate on your behalf to minimize consequences.

At The Law Offices of John Kenneth Zwerling, P.C. , we provide our clients with smart, strategic criminal defense representation. We are a nationally recognized litigation firm dedicated exclusively to representing those who are accused of or are being investigated for federal or state criminal offenses at the grand jury, trial, appellate and post-conviction stages. Our attorneys advise and counsel clients regarding a wide range of legal matters, from federal drug crimes and fraud to DUI and reckless driving.

No matter where you are in the legal process, you should consult an attorney. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your case.

Experienced Arlington Fraud and Conspiracy Crimes Attorneys

If you are being accused of a crime, even if formal charges have not been made, you have legal rights. You are entitled to a strong legal advocate who will negotiate on your behalf with law enforcement and the state and federal government.

Our Alexandria, Virginia, criminal defense attorneys have the ability and resources to handle even the most complex federal and high-stakes state cases. Our team works together to find innovative, strategic case strategies to meet our clients' diverse needs. We understand that this is most likely your first experience with the criminal justice system, so we take the time to advise and lead you at each step. In order to deliver this high level of service, we keep our caseload small so we can concentrate on helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Contact us at 703-835-9664, or by e-mail using our secure online form. At our office location in Alexandria and satellite in Charlottesville, we are able to represent clients in Virginia and throughout the D.C. area.

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